50% of the Modernist Tourists made a flying visit to Bonn, former home of the Federal Government and de facto capital of Germany during the Cold War. Known humourously as the ‘Bundeshauptstadt ohne nennenswertes Nachtleben’ (Federal capital without noteworthy nightlife) it is indeed a mild sort of place. The former government and embassy district (Bundesviertel) is rich in post-war buildings, both offices and homes, and many are built in a distinctly inter-war Modernist style. As example, here is the Schulze-Delitzsch-Haus built in 1953/54 and named after 18th century social reformer and politician Hermann Schulze-Delitzsch, it housed the National Association of German Cooperative Banks.

Schulze-Delitzsch Haus signage

Schulze-Delitzsch Haus frontage to road© Modernist Tourists 2016